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Made in the USA


We are Made in Oklahoma proud! 

My daughter wanted to use duct tape to secure her bed sheets to her mattress. I solved her problem and sewed fitted sheets that would not pop off!  I knew I had created something special so one sewing machine in my house and many long hours has grown into a sewing factory. We sell and ship sheets all over the world. 

We created the solution to a problem and  we now manufacture the 


No Sweat Shop Here


We hire members of the community. We pay our workers above minimum wage. 

All bed sheets are handcrafted: hand cut, hand sewed, hand inspected, hand packaged and then handed off to the United States Postal Service for Priority Shipping.

2018 Shine Award Recipient


We were awarded the 2018 eBay Shine Award for Woman Owned Business! 

POCKETS is a business created out of a solution for a problem that plagues almost every person who sleeps on a bed...bed sheets that pop off. Our fitted sheets, Mattress Pocket, Won't Pop Off!

POCKETS Behind the Scenes 1min Video

In 2018 I competed against women from all over the US for the eBay Shine Award for Woman Owned / Minority Owned Business and WON!  As part of the promotion leading up to the award ceremony eBay did a behind the scenes 1 minute video of us making bed sheets at POCKETS!