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CLEARANCE ROOM - Reduced Prices and All Sales Final

Sheets in the CLEARANCE ROOM are New and Unused

A couple of the items in our CLEARANCE ROOM have been returned to us because the customer thought they were ordering an entire bed AND a set of sheets but returned the sheets when they realized there was not a bed coming with the sheets!

But most items in the CLEARANCE ROOM are returned because the customer ordered the wrong size, or they returned their bed prior to the sheets arriving.

We also Pre-Wash sheets to check shrinkage and final fabric size, but items are simply Pre-Washed and have not been used.  

If the item has been Pre-Washed for a fabric test, we should have that stated in the description of the item.

Please Email questions to us prior to purchasing from the CLEARANCE ROOM. 

All Sales are final from the CLEARANCE ROOM.  

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